ROWEST Used Boats & Boats from other Manufacturers

As mentioned ROWEST will help you find a used boat and in fact ROWEST often has used boats in stock...if not we will help track a used boat down for a 10% fee somewhere in the US.�

Below is a list of boats in stock at ROWEST. (Buying a used boat in stock from ROWEST gets you one free 2 hour lesson or coaching session on the water as a perk as well as suggestions on how to rig your vehicle for transporting your shell.)

ALDEN Horizon (17ft, Rota'molded single scull) a good and inexpensive boat for an entry level rower.� This boat rows surprisingly well...the main feature of the boat is it is very durable and will take a lot of abuse because of its rota'molded construction.� With that comes the disadvantage... it is a construction method that means the boat is rather heavy as rowing sells go, but of course it is inexpensive compared to a composite (lighter) shell.� The Horizon can be cartopped easily since the outriggers are removable.� Once you have developed your rowing & boatmanship skills, it can also be packed and used for overnights for an intro' to what ROWEST calls "Backcountry Rowing".

Two available: Yellow demo at $995 & another in Granite (gray), both with a touring hatch added at $995.�Both boats have also had rigger anchor secured with stainless nuts, bolts and washers via an o-ring sealed inspection hatch added. This makes the rigger secure and avoids the problems original manufacture had with the rubber expansion bolt popping out. They have been stored out of sun in Santa Fe hanging from slings from ceiling. NOTE, these boats are expensive to ship and I think purchase is only viable if the buyer can pick up the boat and take it home with them, unless the buyer can find and arrange shipping on their own that they are pleased with.�

Also in stock are the Alden Recreational Oars suggested for entry level use and very inexpensive at $150 for a set of oars. Aluminum shafts and fiber enforced thermoplastic blades. (They also make a great pair of spare oars since they breakdown in 2 pieces for storage, either while transporting your shell or later in your rowing days on a long tour when you might want to stow a spare set of oars)

ALDEN Martin Trainer is no longer available, but the Wooden Basswood Oars at $200 are still for sale.

Please e-mail ROWEST if you are interested in these boats or want ROWEST to help you decide on what boat might be suitable or preferred, so we can track one down. NOTE, none of the pricing includes shipping.


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