MAAS Boat List

The fleet of boats that MAAS Boats crafts (including the new option of having a winged rigger Aero making it a little dryer & cleaner in rough water)is a fine one indeed with quality, design, function, durability, performance, rigging layout (comfort and efficiency), weight, beauty, stability, safety, car-top-ability and a high price/value relationship....when considered for all these traits...indeed fine boat overall.� ROWEST has been an enthusiastic� MAAS user & fan since 1985 and MAAS Dealer since 1997.


MAAS SINGLE���� MAAS DOUBLE (Email for details on these 2 excellent boats)

To order a MAAS Boat, or if you have questions about the boats, correspond with ROWEST by email or phone to find the boat for your needs.� Then if ROWEST does not have the boat in stock, we will confirm availability and approximate delivery date, order is secured with a $1000 deposit to ROWEST ($2000 deposit for a MAAS Double)...please email or call as below.��Boat prices do not include the cost of transport to Santa Fe from the MAAS Factory.� As mentioned before, setup-rigging is included & a two hour follow-up session on the water by ROWEST ($80 value)if you buy from ROWEST within 6 months of your first paid lesson .

ROWEST Backcountry Rowing, Santa Fe New Mexico 505-231-6003