MAAS Boats PRICE LIST 2016 subject to current pricing


Classic Aero (for Wing Rigger Aero add $300)


Maas 24


Flyweight 24


Maas Single (available in white & carbon only*)


Maas Double (available in white & carbon only)


Carbon Versions (lighter weight)

Carbon Classic Aero (Carbon Winged Aero $5500 )


Carbon Maas 24


Carbon Flyweight 24



Performance Package (instead of standard package**)


Self-Bailer (not available on Maas Single)


Ritchie Compass


Nexus Compass (specify deck or bulkhead mount)


Large Fin (Aero, Maas 24)


Medium Fin (Single, Flyweight)


Bow Ball

$now included

Colors other than white


Custom stripes and graphics

see below, email for price�


AVAILABLE COLORS: dark blue, light gray, yellow, red ,(stripes only), black (stripes only), teal, and dark teal.� A pinstripe of blue, red, or black is available.

** Includes carbon fiber seat and footstretcher, ball bearing wheels, and titanium oarlock pins. Bearing wheels not recommended for saltwater rowing

ROWEST Backcountry Rowing, Santa Fe New Mexico 505-231-6003