ROWEST thinks that this is the best all round shell on the planet, and now offers the option of having with the Maas Winged Rigger if you prefer.� Stable enough for novice, but lively enough to enjoy as a lifetime boat.� This Aero design has proven itself racing & touring on waters from Hawaii & New Zealand to Maine.� At rowing clubs and schools the Aero is commonly in heavy demand while other more expensive and less forgiving (& less durable) shells stay on the racks.� An honest fully rigged weight of 39 lbs. makes handling, storing & transporting easy, at 21'3" long car topping is less tricky than longer shells.

Aesthetically, the design is clean & uncluttered and is enhanced by the well crafted carbon fiber composite riggers.� The Aero offers the quick responsive feel of other Maas boats of higher performance standards, yet the Aero is more comfortable when the water is rough.� In the words of the Olympic Rowing medallist Dick Lyon, "They are just plain fun to row."

ROWEST adds that this boat is so capable and enjoyable.� You can photograph from it, watch birds from it, pack it for overnight touring, use it anyway you want and use it hard, use it frequently, use it & enjoy it for years and probably a lifetime with nominal care...more time on the water.

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