ROWEST offers a unique way to learn or train in light, swift, sliding seat rigged rowing craft right here in the  high desert on the Rio Grande River. We call it Backcountry Rowing!  ROWEST can take you from your first lesson to your first boat.  Learn with your instructor in the well rigged teaching doubles & singles or as an experienced rower let us get you back on the water by helping you select & buy a rowing shell to use on your own.  < "Buy from ROWEST">

THE SPORT  "...the best fullbody sport you can get..."  OUTSIDE "Bodywork" Sept 95

This is the sport that most associate only with the Ivy League & the Olympics, but rowing is changing & there are long offshore ocean races, masters  regattas with competitors in there 30's to 80's and ...of course the pure zen of recreational rowing.

THE TEACHER  "...tactile-visual-fun-a superb teacher..." J. Berman sculling student

Your coach Mark Miller is more than enthusiastic about rowing. An outdoor professional since '79 started to row late at 35, winning a gold at his first Masters Nationals at 38 then competed in the World Veterans in Italy at 40, but considers his 4 years of rowing the big water around Oahu some of his most rewarding. Certified by USRowing as a coach in 95 he brings reference of skiing, running, biking & swimming in teaching & training skills and  knowledge of local culture & natural setting to enhance your experience. He is also currently part of the Mountain Safety team on the Ski Patrol of Ski Santa Fe and is current with Wilderness First Responder skills and CPR. Lesson & Guide Fees from ROWEST

THE WATER  "...I was a skeptic, but it's beautiful..."  M. Buehler sculler & sweep convert

The calm waters of the lower reaches on Whiterock Canyon offer a stunning setting for learning, even the first lesson will take you to some sites - big birds , 300 foot walls of geology, petroglyphs, beavers & solitude.  Perfect place for that "water-fix" that we desert dwellers crave. ( Even if you are not a rower, perhaps you are a birder and just want to be a passenger ), see> Tours Ideas & Rates from ROWEST

THE CRAFT "...a sort of mountain bike for sculling..." J. Yang multi boat rower/quad athlete

Classic, long, light & swift are the operative words for these graceful boats.  With sliding seat rigging you will use all the major muscle groups to move these quick craft.  Our single & double teaching shells are more stable than the Olympic cousins, but still move at speeds beyond any sea kayak. Buy a Boat from ROWEST

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